What’s life without music? It’s too quiet. Mirage audio servers get rid of the sounds of silence and replace them with all the music you want to hear, all the time in any room in your home. This whole-house system is the Cadillac of audio servers, providing the best sound, the most options and the easiest interface.

Technological advances in the last 10 years have made it possible to have music be not just part of your every day, but part of your every moment as well. You can wake up to music, listen while you shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack your lunch and head out the door. When you return home, put your favorite tunes back on while you get dinner ready, pipe the music outside to hear while you’re eating on the deck, switch to the bathroom for some soothing sounds while you soak in the whirlpool, then finish your evening’s selections in your bedroom as you drift off to sleep.

Room for Everything

The Mirage audio server supports most streaming services, including Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, SiriusXM, Deezer, Slacker Radio, TIDAL and more. You can also sync it with your computer or smartphone and add iTunes, files from Windows Media Player or anything you have saved to the cloud.

If it’s your house, you should be able to hear your music in all the rooms, but if you are one of those super-cool moms or dads, you might let your kids listen to One Direction or Nick Jonas in other rooms of the house — something Mirage makes possible with its cutting-edge technology. You can even group rooms. For instance, if you are cooking dinner and going in and out to the patio setting the table, you can stream your music into both of these spaces, while your brooding teenager can listen to some classic Limp Bizkit up in his room, and your younger ones can tune in to Radio Disney in the family room.

Mirage Music Audio Servers
Mirage Music Audio Servers

Shh! Can You Hear the Difference?

A critical part of the experience is, of course, speakers. Mirage’s MMS-5A boasts 24-bit/192-kHz, while the more economical MMS-2A plays back at 24/96, but whichever one you go with, you’re going to want to ensure that your speakers are up to the task of making the most of the sound flowing through them. If your home is already wired up, you may be all set. But if it’s outfitted with a substandard product, you may opt to ditch your old speakers and use the existing wiring to install some serious upgrades.

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters sells and installs high-end video and audio equipment, as well as smart home technology and security systems. Mirage audio servers link with several home automation systems, making them a breeze to install and use in tandem. Call TYM today if you are considering adding a Mirage audio server to your home.


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